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I want to paint fine-lined intricate silver scrollwork on suede (real leather, not microsuede which is polyester).

1) Will the silver lumiere work on suede?

2) If suede can indeed be painted how do you go about doing the heat setting part with an iron on suede? Can it even be done without damgaing the suede?

Thanks for any help with this.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Lumiere can be used on suede. Heat setting is not absolutely necessary if you are able to allow the paint to cure over a period of time prior to any cleaning or hard use. To further assist in the curing you can add the product Airfix #CHM1191 to the paint prior to applying.
As the work you are planning sounds very fine I would suggest doing some sample work prior to the actual application to the suede.
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Deimos Deimos
Thanks...appreciate the advice....suede is too expensive to ruin out of ignorance. ;)
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