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I need to dye a polyester cotton twill (approx 200 g/sqm 67% polyester, 33% cotton) ideally in the washing machine (95 degree C wash temp available). Desired colour = light blue (like UN helmets)

Obviously for the Poly aspect I would need iDye Poly, and I assume also some standard iDye for the cotton fibres. Proportions? How do I regulate colour saturation with the poly as the only blue is very intense?

just wanting to check logistics before I commit and buy the dye/garments as I have the option to use 100% cotton but would prefer polycotton if possible for better wearing.

[size=1][i]Before anyone suggests getting the fabric in the colour I want and making up, I would normally do that but I'm doing for someone else who wants white chef jackets dying rather than garmets making from scratch.[/i][/size]

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In order to create a lighter color you'll want to use less dye. This would mean opening the water soluble packet of dye powder and adding just a portion of the powder. You'd want to do this with both the [url=""]iDye Poly[/url] and the [url=""]iDye[/url] for natural colors. Reducing the amount of salt will also assist as the salt helps to drive the dye to the fabric.
As we don't have ratios on hand for specific shades I would suggest starting with a very small amount and then if necessary over dyeing to achieve the shade of blue you are after. Keep in mind, as well, that the [url=""]iDye Poly [/url]works best at higher temperatures so you may want to reconsider using the washing machine.
One last note: dye powders are very fine, so you'll want to exercise good housekeeping with the open packets.

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