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Hie, I have been reading all the comments.. it so helps.. can you help me with my issue please?? I was doing screen print on fabric using white color... after 3 washes, the ink seemed to block the screen and now the print doesn't come out to be clear as per the design.. Can you please tell em how to unclog the ink stuck in pores of screen????

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Dear Pumma,

Thank you for your question.
It sounds as if the paint dried in the screen or began to dry in the screen. I presume you have wash your screen thoroughly and if you've been unable to remove the dried ink then I'm afraid to say you screen is probably not savable.
Working with white inks - particularly high pigment white ink, calls for close attention to the ink in the screen. The higher pigmentation in white inks can result in quicker drying in the screen. You'll find the same true of opaque colors. Ambient temperature and humidity can affect the drying time of the inks as well so if it is warm and dry that can contribute to inks drying in the screen more quickly, too. And in general, when working with water based acrylic inks one wants to give the screen good attention once you've started screening.
So sorry not to have better news for you.

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