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I am having difficulty with overall consistent results in the marbling process. In my recent attempts I have been using Jacquard marbling inks on a room temperature carrageenan size prepared 24 hours prior. My class has had some very successful results where paints float and spread beautifully. Other days they just sink to the bottom with horrible results and frustrated students. I have tried everything; thinning with water, dispersant, ox gall, photo flo yet nothing will get them to float. I am wondering is it the tap water? Any advice greatly appreciated!
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi W,

I'm going to pass your question along to our Marbling guruh. He's out of town until mid- week, but I'm sure he'll respond when he's able.

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axpreston axpreston
This is a really good question. It does seem like the atmosphere has an effect on marbling for unknown reasons.

I'd ask what dispersant you are using?

Is the carrageenan old? It thins as it ages. That would help them sink.

I doubt it is the water. That should be the same every day from the tap.

Hand soap or baby shampoo are 2 dispersant's/surfactants to use.

Let me know if any of these help. I'll check in to see.
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