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I need help figuring out how to make my new swimsuit match. Despite exchanging the bottom of the bikini (twice) it seems that the company changed the fabric between when I bought the top and when I had to wait for the bottom to come back into stock. Grr… Not Happy. Take a look here:

So the top looks more plum and the bottom looks more purple. I’d like to get them to match. Whichever color I don’t care. I like them both and I finally found a new swimsuit, but I want the suit to match. It’s 80/20 Nylon/Spandex. I’d appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!
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Hi baby,

I think your best bet is to return the entire suit and get a new one. Attempting to adjust the color to match when you 1)don't have sufficient material to test dye with and 2)are very attached to the garment would most likely end up very disappointing.

sorry we don't have a magic bullet for you!
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