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Has anyone translated ounces to teaspoons/tablespoons for using the acid dyes? For example, the advice is to use .25 to .5 ounces per pound of fabric (I'll be dyeing yarn) for certain colors. How many teaspoons = an ounce of dye?
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
There is not a set weight to volume ratio with the dyes. Each dye is mixed by weight because different pigments have different weights.

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pburch pburch
Since acid dyes stay good for a long time after being dissolved in water, you can make up a stock solution of dye by adding a specific amount of water to a specific weight of dye, then measure out the volume of stock solution you need for a smaller project.

For example, you could dissolve a half-ounce (15 gram) jar of dye in 240 ml (one cup) of hot water, then measure out as many milliliters or ounces as you need. Use half a cup of stock solution if you want a quarter-ounce of dye, use about one tablespoon if you want one gram of dye, and so on. It's easiest to do the math if you use the metric system, using a calculator to translate: one tablespoon is 15 ml, two tablespoons make one fluid ounce, and there are 16 tablespoons in a cup.

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