Hey, everyone.  I looked, but haven't found any info.  Anyone know how Jacquard's mica is sourced? I love their products, and I've been hearing more recently about child labor in mica mines and am concerned. 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hi Everyone,

This is a big concern for us too.  We looked into this after the NYT article about this a few years ago.  This is a message from the President of Jacquard

Thank you for reaching out with these concerns. I share the same concerns, myself!

I hope you will rest assured knowing that we are extremely cautious when it comes to sourcing raw materials, especially with the mica pigments. I have taken extreme care to make sure none of the mica we offer comes from dubious sources. There is absolutely no child labor involved—all our suppliers are part of a coalition that is not only committed to avoiding child labor but that also takes active measures to support mining communities through investing in schools, health services, financial education, etc. There are strict, independent regulatory committees in place that report back regularly on the legitimacy and social responsibility of the mining operations. The entire supply chain is committed to ethical practices, and we require and keep on file certifications from all our partners.


I hope this helps ease your conscience. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out again.”






Asher Katz

Jacquard Products
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That's great to hear!  I recently purchased one of the pearl ex pigment pot sets and haven't had a chance to work with it yet, but the paints are staples.  It's awesome to hear that the products I love and company behind them are more socially and environmentally conscious than I'd thought.
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