coffeymorris coffeymorris
None of the combinations on the mixing chart show the color "eggplant". How do I get this color. Or how do I know if one of the combinations on the chart is close to eggplant?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You haven't stated which dyes it is that you are trying to mix.

In [url=""]Procion MX[/url] we have a deep purple you could add a little black to that to darken the shade. The end result will also depend on what fiber is being dyed. The color can vary dramatically between protein or cellulous based fabrics.

In [url=""]Acid Dyes[/url] and [url=""]Green Label Dyes[/url] which are good for silk we have a purple that you could add some black to.

Do a test first.

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