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I found that the chart that gives mixing instructions mentions the 11 standard colors that you can produce any other colors from, but fails to mention how to mix certain basic colors from those 11 colors. Mostly I am wondering how to mix Fire Engine Red, Violet, Bright Green, Bright Pink, Teal & Pearl Gray from those 11 colors.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Dear Jenn,

Thanks for writing in.
The primary reason we don't include the recipes for specific colors is that they are proprietary. These are our 'house colors' and hold the recipes for our use.
The second reason is that most artists that want to use a color that is already easily available will most often simply buy that color. We make the standard color information available so that artists looking for re-creatable results will have a place to start.
Having said that, you will find recipes for one or two of the colors you listed in our color mixing chart.

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