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I'm trying to dye some white Nylon Velcro to come out a mid to light steel grey. I tried Grey/Silver, but the dye took incredibly well, and the Nylon turned a deep black within a minute! Good job :0 Less dye produced purple and a minuscule amount (literally using a watchmaker screwdriver as a spatula) produced lilac. These colours appeared within a minute and were permanent, surviving an initial machine wash.

I understand from here that idye Poly black has a green base, so a lighter shade of that dye would be pale green. I also tried a tiny amount of Gunmetal, and got a baby blue colour. So, I was thinking, if I used a combination of pale blue (from Gunmetal) and another dye with an orange base, I might get the grey I'm after.

Would this work? Would a pale orange base be correct second colour? And which idye Poly colour would give be this pale orange (for instance)?
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Hi Kizzi,

!and Yikes! This is a bit beyond my color theory abilities. However, intuitively, I'd say adding the orange to the blue base is just going to muddy the blue. I'd be more inclined to use a smidge of the black with a larger portion of the Gunmetal....
Nice to know the dyes are working so *well* on the velcro...hope this info helps some.

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