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Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to mix Pearl-ex powders with clear gutta or another water based removable resist to use in silk painting with steam fixed dyes? What will happen after steaming? I find the idea attractive as it might allow to create a more complex range of colours in my resists with metallic effect as well. I suppose, I can always mix in dyes into matallic guttas, however powders have that fine, suttle sophistication as opposed to glitter-like effect gutta sometimes creates. From what I read so far it seems Pearl-ex is very versatile and can be mixed with various binders for a plethora of techniques. Though I have not come across any mentioning of clear resists or possibility of steam fixing. I am aware that a flowable extender can be mixed with powders to create fabric paint, but iron fixed. Thank you very much. 
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Along those lines, I would also be interested in the answer to this, ans whether different kinds of clear gutta (water-soluble heat-set and traditional gutta percha) would take small amounts of other pigment powders (like iron oxide or mica) and what special care or issues might occur.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Adding pearl ex to gutta should be totally fine.  I think it would work great.  I think you do t want more than about 10% because you might start compromising the resist ability after that.  

The waterbased resist won't work the same way, because it wages out at the end, and you will lose the Pearl ex.  

You could use our flowable extender #579 from Neopaque or our#100 textile extender which should be softer than Neopaque extender.

Either will act as a resist, but neither is quite as good as the gutta in terms of repelling water.

It may be possible to use the resistad water based resist because it does leave binder in the fabric, but I have never tried this.

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