I am mixing colors with the primaries lemon yellow, magenta, turquoise and jet black. I'm using the low immersion method.

I've tried many different samples to look for the problem, but everything still turns out pink-reddish. It seems like the turquoise part won't bond with the fabric.

I'm using natural PFD hemp/bamboo fabrics, and I pre-washed them with laundry detergent only.
Then I've tried the following methods which all results in pink or reddish colors (even mixes that have very low magenta added, but high yellow and turquoise):
- first soaking in soda ash, then dye, then soda ash to fix
- first dye, then soda ash to fix
- longer soda ash react time, from 1h up to 8h
- dye bath with salt
- dye mixed with soda ash
- cold water
- warm water
- tap water
- drinking water
- temperature of the room is around 21°C

Also when I add the soda ash to fix the dye, more and more of the pink/red starts to take the upper hand.
And I've tried mixing colors without black as well to see if the red would've come from there.

I have turquoise batch 1773

So as you can see, I'm kinda running out of ideas here. Can someone help me out please?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Can post some pictures.  I haven't noticed this but I am guessing the magenta is "striking" faster, so it is basically attaching to the fiber before you the other colors can.  

1st you might try fuchsia.  It is actually very similar to magenta, but is a different dye, so it may have a slower strike rate.  

Also, magenta is waaaaay stronger than you think.  It is more concentrated than the other colors.  Reds always are, because if they aren't dark enough they are pink, and we know a tiny bit of dye can turn a whole load of white laundry pink.  

I have a formula for a light orange.  A little darker than golden yellow.  It uses 97.5% Lemon Yellow procion and 2.5% magenta. 

1/3 Magenta and 2/3 Lemnon Yellow gives you a perfect fire red.  2x the yellow as magenta.  

Same thing with Turq and magenta.  If you do 10% magenta and 90% turq you get a wine maroon.  You don't get a proper violet until you get to that 2.5% magenta and 97.5% turquoise. 

So go way down with your magenta.  Lower than you think.  Otherwise, you will have to do it tie dye style keeping it pretty dry because that magenta will overpower the other colors.  

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First of all, thank you so much for you quick reply!

I had no idea the proportions would shift this much. I'm still batching the new mixes but it is looking a lot better already.

I'm also making my own color wheel with the secondary colors as well to see if my new calculations are getting close. Will post some pictures once everything is dry.

Again thanks a million for giving some examples, this helped me a lot!! 😃
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