Jessica Rickards
I'm trying to create a maroon colored (80/20 merino/nylon) yarn for a memorial project for my father. I initially had purchased the burgundy dye, but in a test dye, this came out a plummy purple, which is absolutely beautiful and will definitely be used in future dyeing projects, but it's not the maroon I was hoping it would be at least close-ish to. Any suggestions on what colors to purchase to mix up a nice maroon? I'm not sure which red base to start with, whether adding black or brown would get me closer to maroon, or if there are other colors I might need to get there, as I'm not really an artist and I'm not sure how maroon is achieved from primaries. Any advice? I've really loved my experiences with the Jacquard acid dyes I've used so far and plan to pick up several more colors, but I want to make sure that the ones I need for maroon are included in the next purchase I make.

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You can get a red-biased(rather than purple biased) maroon by using a lot of cherry red and just a little turquoise like 9:1.  
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