monrea monrea
I've been experimenting with monoprints on fabric, using regular acrylic paints. Even with retarder, they are drying too quickly. I've encountered the same thing with straight Jacquard paints.

Printmakers use ink, so I was wondering if Versatex ink would work for monoprints. I plan to paint directly onto a piece of plexiglass and then pull a print with fabric.

Will Versatex ink stay "open" long enough for me to work up a nice image (takes a bit of time to paint on something I like), and then print a clear image?

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Noelle Noelle
Hi Mandi,

I spoke with our production manager. He tells me [url=""]Versatex[/url] dries really fast, so that probably won't work well for monoprinting (especially if you like to take your time working up an image). Our professional grade [url=""]Screen Printing Inks[/url] are much slower drying so that would be the best product for you to experiment with. I can't promise they will work, but they may!

Hope you have success!!!:D
Post some images on the forum when you get something you like! It's always great to see the results of creative expression!

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