KayS KayS
I have been using the Dyna Flow paints on silk for about a year now and while I love the colors while painting, they seem to fade out after ironing and rinsing. I know you can iron or use Air Fix (I just heard about this one last week). I thought I also read somewhere that the heat from a commercial dryer would also set the colors. Can you tell me about the processes and which one would have the least amount of fading?

Also, I have started using the Green Label dyes with the fixative. The first one was fine, but for the second, all the washed out magent stained my white background and also stained the rest of the dyes, like my leaves. I like the dyes and how they blend, and I really do NOT want to start steaming, so any suggestions for this?

I appreciate any help you can give.

Thank you,

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

I am surprized that you are losing color with DNF. That is actually one of the most colorfast products that we have for silk as it is an acrylic. I suggest you crank the heat up on the iron and iron it for longer.

I really recomend steaming for any dyes on silk... it isnt as bad as you think your colors will be faster, cleaner and brighter by using this fixation method.

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