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I'm trying to dye a long, lightweight polyester skirt. I used one packet of the Green Poly dye, on the stovetop with simmering water, dye packet is well-dissolved and I've kept things stirred every few minutes. The skirt is under two pounds, and I've left it in the dyebath over an hour. The fabric looks blotchy and uneven, although the lace trim, which I suspect is nylon, sucked up the color right away and is a deep spinach green.

Even though the skirt was labeled 100% Polyester, it felt quite a bit like rayon, so I'm thinking of trying again with two packets of Poly dye and adding one of the regular dye just in case.

I have followed all the package directions to the letter, as well as the suggestions in the forum, but it really looks bad- I doubt the rinse will improve things. Do you have any other suggestions for me?
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hi there,

polyester is a tricky one...sounds like you did in fact do everything right. given that it seems as though you kept the fabric moving enough i'd suspect that the issue has to do with the fabric itself. because polyester isn't one single type of polymer product there will be differences from one polyester to another (like the lace trim vs the body of the garment).
redying isn't a bad option and if you really think there is a possibility that the fabric is a blend then using both types of iDye is appropriate. You'll want to be sure that you keep the fabric moving & simmer should be enough heat -
let us know how it turns out
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