Ive only just started using alcohol inks and I’ve noticed that my pieces are smudging. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I’m using isopropyl alcohol and your brand inks but when I’ve finished and I’ve let it dry, they seem chalky and they smudge if I touch it. Is this normal?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hello.  This is interesting.  I think the isopropyl alcohol is at least part of your problem. We have that clean up solution for a reason.  Our inks are ethanol based and the dyes are not as soluble in isopropyl, so I think the chalkiness is the dye coming out of solution and accumulating in a thick layer instead of the thin one when the alcohol evaporates.   This would also be easier to smudge.  The inks are pretty dry after a few minutes, but they do harden over hours.  The smudging may also partially due to the water left behind even when it is 90% alcohol there is water in there, and that takes the much longer to dry than the rest.  

It's better to get ethyl alcohol rubbing alcohol to use with the inks than isopropyl.  CVS usually carries it, and you can get it at hardware stores too.  
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