I've been trying to achieve a true navy blue with a base fabric color of white, cream, or light blue on both linen and 100% cotton, with the understanding that those base colors may result in some differences, but haven't been able to achieve anything but a deep purple. 

I've used Procion MX 078 Navy with differing amounts of 150 Jet Black to darken (from 0% to 1/3 the amount of dye) – but it seems like both of those contain some red or magenta.

Has anyone had any success achieving a dark navy (somewhere in the neighborhood of #001a33 or #002951 or #003366) without it going purple? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for your help. Apologies if I've forgotten to include important information – I'm new to the forum.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

I agree that our Procion dye is a bit on the red biased side, maybe more than I would like.  I would make it bluer if I was making it from scratch.  

Black doesn't work so well.  It is bluer, but I don't think it is really the darkness you are having trouble with, it is the color.  There are 2 things i would really recommend. 

Add some cobalt blue procion instead of the black.  It totallu depends on how blue you want it.  For a NY yankees style navy that is still sorta purple add 25% cobalt 75% NAvy procion.  For a really blue Navy go half anfd half.  Cobalt is a deep blue and will just push your navy bluer, but will still keep it dark.

The other thing I would recommend.  The more and more I use procion, I am realizing for an immersion dye job, getting bright colors is easy.  Getting intense colors is not as easy.  The best thing to do is add salt.  Add 2-3 cups of salt(It doesn't actually have to be non-iodized) and you will get much darker colors.  

I was just dyeing greens, and I could not tell much difference between bright green and emerald when I didn't use salt, but they looked perfect when I did.  
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