Angela Glaros Angela Glaros
I'm planning a curtain project using IKEA twin sheets, which I already purchased, before noticing that they are a 52/48 poly/cotton blend. I planned to dye them a darkish green, maybe with a bit of olive tone. I'm looking for some advice on proportions of iDye to iDye Poly and just how much dye to buy.

There are 10 sheets, each one about 3 yards long or approx. 1 lb. dry weight. If I were using RIT, it looks like I'd need a good 10 packages or more. With iDye, can I get away with 5 total packages? If so, what about 3 iDye Poly green and 2 iDye natural in olive? Or should I add extra dye to compensate for the likely poor absorption by the poly fibers?

Any experiences and/or advice you can share would be great.

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JennyR JennyR
For a cotton/polyester blend, you will need both the iDye for Natural Fibers and the iDye Poly. Each packet will do 2-3 pounds of fabric, so you probably want 5 or 6 packets total for the entire dye job. Six is easier so that you purchase 3 of the iDye Natural and 3 of the iDye Poly.

For darkest results, you'll want to follow the stove top method, which could be difficult given the amount of fabric that you are planning on dyeing. You could do multiple dyebaths on the stove. If you need or want to dye using the washing machine, it is recommended that you turn up your waterheater as far as it will go (and let everyone in the house know so that they don't hurt themselves).

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