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Hello and thanks for reading my post!

I designed a silk rug years ago, and it was made in the colors I needed at the time, which was part a real true Chinese red red. Now a new couch and other items have brought more a cinnabar or russet red. I just purchased the silk kit, and would like to paint the bright red into a as I said more cinnabar russet red. Unfortunately there are no spots that would be inconspicuous so my first try has to count. What color would you guys suggest putting over the bright red to make it the new color I am looking for. Thanks so so much for your input!
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Hi Cool,

Advising as to specific colors is always a bit of a gamble as we all have our own ideas of what a color is. Because, as you say, your first try has to count, I am VERY reluctant to advise on this.
Having said that I'm going to jump in any way. Using the images found here and shooting for the color of the SUV (a more brownish red) my first thought is that you will need to drab the existing red.
The colors available in the Silk Colors Kit wouldn't be my first choice - I'd be more inclined to use the #745 Brown Sienna in a very dilute form. Because you are not able to do any testing I'd start with a 1 to 4 dilution at most (1 part dye, 4 parts water as the diluent) and maybe even start with a 1 to 6 ratio. One can always over dye, removing dye is a whole different ball game.
And because I can tell this is a precious piece to you I'm going to indulge my worry wart: I am wondering how you intend keep the dye from migrating to other parts of the rug and how you intend to fix the dye once applied.

hope this helps
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