msleepingbeauty msleepingbeauty
Hi there,

I'm looking for specific instructions on using the Procion MX dyes with batiking on cotton. I've never done it before and just bought the dyes and can't wait to start.

Does the fabric need to stay wet for 8-24 hours between dye colors? Should it be wet or dry to start with?
Can you use only cold water to rinse afterwards?
Should I be using salt or just soda ash?

Any help would be great!

Thank you!!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
If it is cotton you can pre-soak it in [url=""]soda ash[/url] or add soda ash to the dye mixture if you are dip dyeing the fabric. Salt is needed and should be added to the dye mixture. The longer the fabric remain moist after the application of dye the better it is for the reaction. It is preferable to rinse in cool water.
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Tanya Tanya
I also have a question. What kind of salt should be used and in what proportion to add the dye solution? How long are the diluted solution? I would like to make batik on cotton, but I'm afraid to plant paint because I am afraid to mess up.
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