Has anyone ever mixed colors to make a neon green and have a good ratio to use? Maybe blue and yellow? I’m trying to match this neon green paracord I got for a horse halter. I will be dying mule tape/polyester. Thank you!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Well, this is a problem.  There is a polyester fluorescent yellow that can be used to make a fluoro green, but we are not selling it right now.  We want to, and probably will add it in the next year.  The problem is that you cannot mix a fluorescent color without having at least one of the components be fluorescent.  The Kelly green with maybe a bit more yellow is as close as you will get and it will be noticeably different especially outdoors.  

You could make it with a nylon cord as the chartreuse in acid dye is fluorescent.  
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