meggysue meggysue
i have a project and don't know what dye to use.
i want to sponge over an antique plastic piece of lace on to a cotton or silk shirt.
i dont know how to make the ink not bleed either? this maybe lengthy response if you know a book that would cover the basics i am up for suggestions. thank you so much
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pburch pburch
One good way to do this would be to get a good tie-dye kit (not the Rit tie-dye kit, but a good one such as Jacquard sells) or Procion MX dye powder.

Mix the dye [URL=][U]as directed[/U][/URL] for tie-dye and put it into spray bottles. Presoak the fabric in soda ash as in the recipe, unless you buy the kind of kit that has the soda ash already mixed into the dyes. Lay your plastic lace across the shirt and spray lightly with a fine mist of dye, being careful to catch any drips from the spray bottle nozzle with a rag.

It's just like the leaf stencil in [URL=][U]this example[/U][/URL]. If you spray lightly, the dye won't bleed too much.

Turn the shirt over to do the back.

(I advise spraying dye only outdoors or in a spraying booth. The fine droplets of dye will dry up and float around as dry dye powder. This will make an impossible mess if done indoors. Wear a dust mask or respirator so that you do not breathe any of the droplets in the mist.)

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meggysue meggysue

do you know what dye i can use that will be bright gold?
i dont care if it is very opaque

can i use discharge paste with a sponge and then just wash out?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

In acid dyes 603 or 633 are a golden yellow shade. in MX 10 an 11 are in the gold yellow shades..

Discharg paste should be applied and then ironed once dry with a hot steam stetting... not all reactive dye colors discharge so please be aware if that fact.

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