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I just watched a tutorial on stamping with a versamark pad and using PearlEx. I have heard of other powders but not this one. Can it be mixed with acrylic paints and water to make your own shimmer sprays?

What are "interference" powders; they are listed in the color chart, but don't specify what the difference in them and the regular powders are?

What kind of sealant is recommended for use with these powders after application?

Many thanks and any help is appreciated!

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Hi Ruby,

Thanks for your inquiry.
Pearl Ex is an inert Mica pigment powder that can be mixed with a broad range of mediums. You can mix it with a clear acrylic to create a permanent 'shimmer spray' or with a water & gum Arabic mixture to create a water soluble shimmery solution.
The finish you would use to seal the Pearl Ex would very much depend on what sort of surface you are working with as well as what medium you used during application.
The interference colors are somewhat iridescent. They work particularly well on dark backgrounds and almost disappear on light backgrounds. The color will show up more or less as you see it from different angles.
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