MikeFoxfrotter MikeFoxfrotter
Just started researching all this tie dye stuff when my 2 year old daughter recently got into it. I was just curious about the soda ash portion of the process.

Do you dry the shirts after the soak? Or do you wring them out and dye them damp?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You can work both wet or dry after the soda ash bath. There are a couple of advantages to each.

Wet: You can make tighter folds and scrunches while the Tshirt is wet. It also makes the dye bleed more. This means at the end the shirt has fewer white areas and is more covered by the dye.

Dry: You can control where the dye goes more easily, and you are left with more white on the shirt. You can also screen print or hand paint the dye when you thicken it with sodium alginate when the shirt has been dried after the soda ash.
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theengel theengel
I also think you get better tiedyeish patterns when you leave them wet. You see sharper contrasts where the dye stops or when two colors meet, giving you that 'random pattern'.
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