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A few years ago, I purchased all of the Lumiere colors in the (regular?) sized jars that cost $4.95 a jar. I've barely experimented with them, then carefully put them all away together in a dark, cool place in a cardboard box. Time and circumstances have kept me from my crafting for awhile now, but I was finally ready to go back to my crafting. I was greatly surprised to find my beautiful paints dried up in the jars. I am familiar with acrylics, as I have used about every kind for many projects through the years. I never thought these paints (which, I must admit, were a big expense) would dry out so fast. I took great care to see to it that they were put in an environment and sealed tightly so that they would last.

I don't know what the shelf life of these paints must be, since they were in fine shape when I purchased them and don't live in a hot climate(WV). I have many acrylic paints, many of them (hundreds of bottles-literally) that are quite cheap crafting paints that sold for less than .50 that I have had for (some of them) a decade and they are still fine to use, even though they sit out in the open on top of one of my crafting cabinets. I know the viscosity is lower on these paints, but not one bottle has ever dried up.

Please understand, I am not angry or accusing in my inquiry. It is the love of the many Jacquard products I have and have always used that has disappointed me. 24 jars of beautiful paints that cost almost $120. plus shipping costs that is upsetting. The colors of these paints are beautiful, and it pains me to have spent that much on them, not knowing they wouldn't last 2 years even though I took special precautions because of how special and expensive the whole set was.

If someone can please tell me if there is any product or way of using these paints again, please feel free to offer any suggestions on how to ( hopefully) salvage them so that they are usable again. I'm not ignorant of the fact that once acrylics dry up, they are gone. I guess I am just hopeful that there is some new product available that will renew them so they are useable again.

I guess you could say I am ( or have been ) one of those people that sees a product and wants to save up to get the whole range of colors, etc. Which I suppose is why I so desperately hope there is a way to use these. I saved for a while before I purchased them, then never had the joy of really using them.

So very sorry to go on about this, it has just been a big disappointment for me after too much time away from being able to do the crafting I enjoy so much.

Thank you for any help or advise,
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
I have had bottles of lumiere last for many years so i am a little surprised that all of your paints dried up so quickly. If they are not completely dried out you may try adding a little water or the Neopaque clear extender to them.
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