threefishes threefishes
Hi there!
Here's a question that despite scanning through these posts I am unable to answer: Do I HAVE to use the acid dye to dye wool? I am attempting to dabble in dyed wool for my new interest in rug hooking. I have some Procion MX dyes already mixed up, left over from kids' tie-dye party. I also have jet black 150 unmixed, fresh jar. Also on the shelf is some soda ash and synthrapol. Must I use acid dyes or can I try with the stuff I have? Thanks!
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Noelle Noelle
Hi Amy,

You can use Procion dyes for wool, although you don't want to use the [url=""]soda ash[/url], you will be using white vinegar instead. Here is the link to the Procion page [url=""][/url]
go to the "How to" section and scroll down to immersion dyeing for protein fibers.

Have fun!

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