blahdee blahdee
Hi everyone, hoping someone here has a brainwave!

I leave to go travelling in 5 days and recently dyed my old faithful polyester backback black with iDye Poly to give it a new lease of life.

However I had to use the washing machine as I can't find a pot big enough to fit the backpack in (it has a non-flexible plastic plate in it).

Sooo... long story short, it now stinks as I guess the washing machine wasn't hot enough to dissolve the colour intensifier properly.

What can I do about this?? I tried putting it in the bath and pouring boiling water over it but still no joy :-(

Will the smell literally last forever or will it eventually dissipate on its own, does anyone know??

Thank you!

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blahdee blahdee
Also, is this stuff harmful in any way?

Will it come off onto my skin or other clothing that I have in the backpack?

I don't want them to smell like this too... :-(
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axpreston axpreston
We have had this problem with the smell especially with Elastic and Lycra. You can avoid it, but getting rid of it is much harder. Boiling a few times seems to reduce the smell, but not eliminate it. The only way to avoid it for sure, is to not use the color intensifier. This is a drag because the intensifier really does make the color deeper and brighter.

Using the washing machine is a big no no with the Idye poly. I know people do this, but it is much more likely that you will get the bad smell from the intensifier, and you are much more likely to get streaky uneven dye jobs.

You should really only use Idye poly when the dye bath is at a rolling boil. The hotter the bath, the less likely this weird smell hangs around.

You are not in any danger from the smell, it is just annoying, not dangerous. It shouldn't wipe off on anything either.
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Prom Prom
How do I dispose of the water in the dye pot ?. I used the idyepoly on the stovetop.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You can dispose the dye safely down the drain. It will not harm septic systems either.
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