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Good day -- i recently purchased a LINEN canvas --- wanting to know if anyone has any tips.... on underpainting (with acrylic, oil or none) -- any thoughts on your final project... things you would do again or differently.

thank you.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

[B]For Fine art painting with oil and acrylic mediums:[/B]
Most important undercoat is the Gesso! Does the linen have a coat of Gesso on it? May sound like an obvious question but you are in a fabric art forum.

If the linen is unprimed or has no gesso on it then prepair it with at least 2 coats of gesso. You can paint acrylics or oils on to an acrylic gesso'd canvas. If you choose to prime it with an oil (primed) gesso you can only use oils on that. If you use oil on an acrylic gesso paint a barrier coat of clear acrylic such as Goldens GAC100 on to the raw linen before applying Gesso. This prevents the oil from seeping/bleading through the Gesso and damaging the linen fibers in years to come.

If you paint an undercoat of acrylic colors before using oil use a matte medium aditive such as Golden Matte medium or their matte acrylic colors, Liquitex also has matte colors and mediums. The matte medium gives the acrylic a more absorbant property/quality, which allows the oils to adhere better to the surface. Our neopaque should also give you a pretty good surface to paint oils onto but these are very opaque.

[B]If this is more for a fiber art type aplication where you want to see the unprimed linen surface:[/B]

You can Dye-na-flow, textile paint, lumiere or neopaque. These are our acrylic color range and are great on raw or untreated fabrics. Some of these colors are more transaprent than others. Neopaque is a totally opaque paint.

Hope this answer some questions.

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