HippieGuy HippieGuy
My finished dyes are coming out faded...they don't seem to 'pop' like one would expect tie-dye to do...

Here is my formula..HELP!!

Used Procion MX dyes (red-lemon yellow-turquoise, navy blue)

1)Pre-washed 100% white cotton with synthrapol to remove any soil/fabric chemicals

2) Soaked in soda-ash, 1cup per gallon water, used 2.5cups 2gallons water for 30minutes, stirring every 10-12minutes to soak thorough

3) squeezed excess soda-ash water out

4)tied garments

5)Dyes were mixed with this formula: 1.5TB per 12oz distilled water with 2teaspoons urea for each color used

6)Placed dyed garment covered with plastic grocery bag,inside plastic tub with lid and left in warm room (over 71') with lid. Sat for 26 hours

7) rinsed under cool-warm running water to point of almost clear run-off, squeezing dye out under rinse, untied during process

8) washed on low-wash cycle in warm water with synthrapol

9) followed wash with hot water/synthrapol on high cycle, dried in dryer on medium heat.

shirt results, faded...SOLUTIONS appreciated!
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tiedupinMT tiedupinMT
it is hard to guess without seeing the results... I have followed the same process and have had great results, using Dharma fiber reactive dyes (not sure if the brand makes a difference) the only difference is that since I don't have a wash machine I do the final HOT wash with the synthrapol in the bathtub and generally hang them on the line to dry... they have been turning out great!
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Hippiechick11 Hippiechick11
Typically speaking, I have seen two main causes for faded colors.
1. Not having a concentrated enough mix. Try adjusting your dye to water ratio.
2. Using old dye is deadly. I haven't a clue why, but using left over dye, already mixed that is, never fails to produce dull colors. It may seem silly to waste leftover dye but if you save it for next time the results won't be fantastic. Try mixing the dye RIGHT before you use it.
Hopefully this helped!
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axpreston axpreston
Soda ash deactivates dyes after a few hrs. I always like mixing new too. Any chance you mixed soda ash in the bottles with dyes?
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vanperodhsy vanperodhsy
I have been in the same predicament and thanks for your posts. I think I now know where I've been getting it wrong; I hope for better results next time.
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