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Hi there,

I purchased some undyed 100% silk DK yarn with intentions to dye the yarn either a nice olive green or coral color like the Tilli Tomas Plie yarn (here's a visual, [url=""][/url]).

My first dying experience didn't go too well. I mixed 50/50 emerald green and olive and made several newbie dyer errors. Basically, my yarn is a funky green (probably should have used kelly green and olive) that I don't like it at all. I'm going to attempt to strip the color out and try again. I think I've learned from my errors (don't tie the cross strings tight or you'll end up with tie dyed yarn, mix only a portion of the dye as 1 tsp of acid dye to 100 grams of yarn is way too much dye, etc) so the time time should go better.

Does anyone have a recipe for olive green or coral? Any success photos from dying these colors?

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