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My ombre dye project with silk charmeuse is beautiful, and I was VERY careful with all the math, but even with 10 rinse baths I can't get it to run clear. It is for a client, not for me, so I am hesitant to hand it over until it does. The top section is white so I did not want to run it through a rinse cycle in my washer.  Oh, and I used a (new) turkey fryer pot and a pulley system, with one person on the pulley and the other spreading out the 3'x5' length of fabric each time to avoid dye caught in the folds. The heat unit kept the dyebath at the requisite 185 degrees, and worked great. So please let me know if I should keep rinsing or what the other choices are. Thanks, Wendy
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Right, so there are a few options.

Usinga  fixative.  The iDye fixative works with the acid dye because it uses a cationic particle that attracts the negatively charged acid dye.  So, that will probably work.  

When you are washing you are using synthrapol or something else? An actual dye detergent is probably necessary in this case.  

A rinsebath of vinegar may help.  Like you say though, you might be looking at backstaining.  

Is dye coming out in both hot and cold water?  What color is this?

Acid dyes are one of the more likely dyes to do this.  It can be hard with an ombre because you want the darkest part very dark, but you might have used too much dye for that.  
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