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im in the middle of a very large tapestry. natural fibers (cotton), soda ash procion mx.
this thing is complex and i will be so very sad if i messed it up but i forgot to cover one dyed part with a plastic bag and it had dried. is this part going to look different from the rest in terms of brightness and vibrancy? i lightly sprayed a small amount of water on it and tied a bag on it, was this enough to salvage?

i have 2 other concerns, is urea really that important? as far as i can gather its just to make sure you dyes are mixed well and ive never had a problem with color bursts or color that was not consistent.

lastly, ive never tried soaking in soda ash and then letting the fabric dry before i tie and dye. ive read that some people do this and they get brighter colors. is this true or was that another mistake?
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Hi Bianca,

There is a possibility that the area that dried will be lighter when you rinse. It depends on how long the area remained damp. I'm not sure re-wetting will help...I suspect not. You might want to consider urea - it does help maintain moisture - and I know many folks that do tie dye commercially use it.
Regarding soaking in soda ash and then drying before applying the dye, not sure you would get brighter colors, but you can achieve more control over the spread of the dye. There is a company the does the most amazing mandalas and it is my understanding that they use that method. (I think the company name is True Tie Dye)

hope this helps!
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