osunursingrl osunursingrl
I trying to dye outdoor cushion covers that have faded over the years. Their color is closest to idye crimson. The only problem is that the tags were cut out years ago so I don't know exactly what the fabric is made of. I am worried that it is made of non-natural fibers and idye poly does not have a color to match. Does anyone know what it might be made of?
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JennyR JennyR
I'm sure that they use a wide range of synthetic fabrics for outdoor furniture, but you really need to know what type it is in order to know if what type of dye to use.

However, I'm sure that most outdoor furniture fabrics have been treated with various types of coatings that may include UV protectant or waterproofing. These coatings will most likely prevent the dye from absorbing.

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