BrandonC BrandonC
I'm looking to dye a pair of new 100% cotton Shrink- to- fit Levi's black. [URL=]Specifically these.[/URL]

With a similar effect as these [URL=]selvedge Denim jeans[/URL] by Iron Heart.

Problem is, I want to preserve as much of the original indigo as possible.

Another thing I want to know is how much can I avoid the hot washes as much as possible, mainly so I can control the shrinkage of the jeans as well as fading of the indigo. Is this possible with procion MX dyes?

I've never dyed any fabric before, so is this too ambitious for a first time attempt?

Advice or instructions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have a washing machine to use to do this, so I have to use a tub or bucket to do this.
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