Hi! I was commissioned to paint the outdoor cover of a client's car. The material is a thick canvas but I believe it has a waterproof sealant on it. I'm wondering if there is a paint or dye would work. 

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

The waterproof sealant is the issue I see here.  That can often be removed, but there are better sealers out there than there used to be and it might not come off super easy.  I would research the sealant and see if it can come off.  Pressure washing it is probably a possibility.  You can always replace it with like a camping tent waterproofer/uv protector.  

So the test is if water beads up on the canvas instead of sinking it it is too waterproofed. If water sinks into it, you can probably just go ahead and paint it.  I would suggest lumiere/neopaque  and airbrush paint if you are going to spray it as these 3 lines are the toughest and most durable paints we sell.  They are also super flexible so they won't crack over the years.  Textile colors would be fine I think too, but they would be my second choice as they are not quite as durable as these others. 

Also, the fluorescent and irridescent airbrush paints you might want to avoid as they can fade outside, but the others will not.  

The waterproof question is the #1 issue to answer here.  
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