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I have had great results painting leather shoes with Lumiere, but a recent pair I did shows cracking and peeling. I sealed the shoes with a different sealant than usual and I wonder if that's the problem. I used Plaid's Folk Art Outdoor Gloss Sealer. (I also used a little acrylic paint retardant mixed in with the Lumiere, but that hasn't been caused a problem before.)

Can anyone advise me? THANKS!

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Hi Margot,

While I don't have personal experience with the Plaid product you mention, given you've not had problems before I'd have to suspect that product. In our [url=""][font=Arial][color=black][i]How to Paint with Jacquard[/i][/color][/font] [/url]booklet, Sherrill Kahn recommends using Future luquid floor wax as a sealant when using [url=""]Luimere[/url] and [url=""]Neopaque[/url] on shoes.
Hope this helps.
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