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I have heard alot of fabric artist use Jacquard as their medium for painting portraits when making a quilt. I emailed the Three Sisters re: their portraits and they said they use Jacuard extender because it won't change their colors. I want to order but not sure what I need. Which extender and what style of your paints I will need to acheive what I want. Could you please help me? I have never painted on fabric (100% cotton) before. Thank you
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi CC,

Well, not being sure what it is you want to achieve the best I can offer is a list of our extenders.
Textile Colors colorless extender is the least viscous of our offerings; Neopaque Flowable Extender is a slightly more viscous extender and then there are the two screen ink extenders - Versatex and Jacquard Screen Ink extender which are both quite viscous.
My guess is that you will be more interested in the Textile or Neopaque extenders.

hope this helps
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hshabazz2016 hshabazz2016
I know what viscous means, but would like to know what it means in this in this subject
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The colorless extender for Textile colors #100 is the softer and thinner extender, so it will not add any body(thickness) to the paint that you are using unless you are starting with no body like dye na flow.

Neopaque Flowable Extender #579 is thicker and tougher long term. They are both pretty soft to the touch, but the textile #100 is softer to the point of not being able to feel it.

Both can be used as a sort of "varish" on fabric to protect colored pencil drawings or alcohol inks on fabric. If you paint colorless extender over a painting on fabric, it is much more durable to washing.
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