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I have a 95% polyester 5% spandex dress that is a ivory cream color, that I need to be white. Can I paint an entire long sleeve maxi dress white with your product? Am I biting off more then I can chew or is it possible to pull this off?

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Wow, this is a big undertaking, more than I would try to do. Not that it isn't possible, but because you are covering a color, even one as light as ivory, you'd probably need to go with the Neopaque Paint colors. The problem with that (beyond getting even coverage) would be the way the paint would affect the hand of the fabric. Because of the amount of pigment and the heavy body of the carrying medium the dress would lose the flow and drape that you have with it now.
You might want to consider using a color remover, however, because of the spandex in the dress that could be a risk as well due to the necessity for high temperatures during the removal process.
Given the two options, and depending on how attached I was to the dress I would go for the color remover.
Here is a link for a bit more info:

hope this helps
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