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:) I Wanted To Know What Kind Of Paint Would I Use On Fabric For A Recliner. I Want To Change The Color
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Noelle Noelle
Hi there!

The first question I have is: What kind of fabric is on the recliner?
Our fabric paints will work on most fabrics, but I'm concerned that you may have a synthetic leather with a shinier surface which the paint won't work well on.

Secondly: Do you want all-over, even, color or are you going to create a painted design or paint effect?

If you want all-over, even color, it's best to make a slip cover. Changing the color of a large piece of furniture is challenging at best. That said, here are some suggestions for you.

We have two lines of paint that are the best choice for furniture, Textile Paints and Dye-na-Flow. Both these paint lines can be mixed with our product called Airfix so that you don't have to worry about heat setting. Simply mix in Airfix with the paint (only mix a little at a time to use while you are painting--do not add Airfix to the whole bottle unless you are planning to use the whole bottle at that time) and as it dries it will 'cure' the paint and make it permanent. Textile paints are a heavier bodied paint, good for tighter designs and painting pictures. Dye-na-Flow is a fluid paint (watery consistency) and good for washes, watercolor effects and painting with resists (resists create a line that holds back the color--you draw your design with the resist, let it dry, and then paint with the Dye-na-Flow)

Painting a piece of furniture is a big undertaking. It's a good idea to practice a little on the underside of a cushion or on a separate piece of similar fabric to learn how the paint works.

Good luck!
Do write back if you have any other questions.

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