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Hi all,

Last summer I did a test using Pearlescent Magenta Lumiere on an old black leather Perlina handbag. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it retained the fine supple hand of the leather without cracking, peeling or flaking (even when I grabbed the bag and scrunched the leather up in my hand). However, I didn't feel like painting the whole bag, so I just threw it in our Goodwill donations box and saved the rest of the Lumiere.

My current question is...I read tonight that Lumiere/Neopaque have to be heat-set. I have a new PDA and all the cases for it are either boring black, or freakishly expensive. I wanted to buy a good-quality black leather case and paint it with L or N or a mix of them, but I don't know how (or whether) to try and set it afterwards. This would probably damage the leather or the paint finish. Based on my experiences with the Perlina bag, heat-setting doesn't seem necessary, but as above, I only had that bag around for a few days and only manhandled it for about an hour total.

What do you think? Is a painted leather case likely to crack and peel over the long run? Could I simply paint another coat on it if that were to happen?


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belacane belacane
Never mind, since I didn't get an answer I found a blue leather case I like.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Sorry we missed your first message.

[url=""] Lumiere[/url] is pretty permanent and will stand up to a fair amount of handling. Especially on absorbant surfaces. If you leave it for a few days it will start to cure on to the surface of the leather without needing heat.

Enjoy your new blue case.

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