anditron anditron
I know the Jacquard site has some how-to's on painting umbrellas, but I wanted to ask about different umbrella fabrics. I have 100% polyester umbrellas but they have a sheen to them where they've been coated I believe. Will your products work on those the same as non-coated polyester? I'm wondering if they can still be ironed or if it's better to use the airfix instead and how that will work with the coating. Which paints do you recommend most? And do you have a silver that can be used on an umbrella as well?

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
The textile colors, dye-na-flow, neopaque and luniere will all work on polyester; however I am a little concerned about the coating as we don't know what that is. I would recommend doing a test and using the airfix and if possible heat set the paint as well with a hairdryer when we or an iron when dry.
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