hshabazz2016 hshabazz2016
This is my first year painting on fabrics and was most successful with cottons and light summer colors. For the upcoming season would like to paint on darker fabrics such as blacks, browns and navy; denims, and woolens. All suggestions would be appreciated
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Darker fabrics are harder to paint on, and it also makes the fabric stiffer. I have 2 suggestions.

Use Lumiere and Neopaque. These are opaque or non-seen through colors. They cover up the dark fabric with color. You can add 10% water to make the paints feel a little softer. They are a little stiff if you don't.

Use decolourant. You can take some of the color out of dark fabrics with decolourant and it will allow you to use more transparent paints like the Dye-na_flow or our Textile colors. These don't normally work on darker fabrics,but can if you use decolourant paste first.

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