I have been painting on leather shoes and purses with Lumiere, and other Jacquard texttile paints. I have had succes on old leather shoes and purses where the leather sealer finish has worn off but new leather seams to reject the paint once it is dry. It lifts off the leather. Even if I seal it with acrylic sealer, it still lifts off. What do I need to do to the surface of the leather to make the paint adhere. DEE
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
You could abrade the surface with some fine wire wool. that should take off any finish on the leather and allow the color to adhere to the surface of the leather.
Do a test first.
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lebronjc lebronjc
most of what I've read and through painting two pairs of shoes. you should use acetone on cotton balls to remove the waxy finish on new leather, sometimes green scotch brite pad for more abrasion, but be careful and don't scrub too hard or you'll remove the actual texture of the leather which you probably wanna keep.
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