feetofflames feetofflames
Hi, I have a taffeta prom dress that is bright red and I'm repurposing it. I'm trying to see if there is ANY way to make it another color other than black. I've experimented on some fabric scraps from the original dress with fabric paint and acrylic paint to make it black, which has worked so far, but ideally I would love it to be green. I recently read about the Lumiere paints which I'm wondering about. It seems like their opacity would mean that the red would be completely covered but I don't want it to turn out plasticy or cracked or without any kind of sheen - I like the mild sheen of the original fabric (although would be willing to use some kind of sealant or spray glimmer after). There aren't a lot of resources online that discuss painting on taffeta but it seems like the Lumiere paints will cover with good opacity, which would be great. It doesn't need to look perfect up close, but I'm shooting for a medium/dark emerald green and was considering trying the pearl emerald green and maybe needing to darken it a bit. If nothing works I'll stick with black but I want to try as many things as I can before I give up.

Can anyone help me with this and/or have experience using paint on taffeta? Thanks in advance!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It will be hard to keep the same sheen with Lumiere as it is really opaque and will cover up the fabric a lot.

that said, it is probably your best option. You have to have something opaque to cover the red because dyes will not do that job. You can get the Lumiere a little softer just by adding a little water to it. It will softer and not crunchy.
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