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I painted some shoes made of faux leather/manmade materials with Neopaque paints. They came out really nice but now I'm concerned about setting them. I've heard some people heat-set with a hair dryer but does this only work on fabric shoes? I also heard of using future floor wax but am afraid this will make them shiny, and they have a nice matte look now. I'm worried if they get wet it might mess up the paint though, and if they get dirty I want to be able to wipe them clean. Any suggestions?
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Jope,

Thanks for writing in. I'm happy to put your mind at ease. Neopaque will air cure within 72 hours for the type of use you are describing here. The paint will hold up well to a bit of rain (or even an inadvertent puddle) and wiping them clean with a damp cloth is no problem at all.
And, we'd love a pic of your shoes on our Facebook page if you are willing to share!
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