I there,
I need your help. I have some works to do and consist on painting shoes.
Dye or painting??
These shoes will be more in PU, Synthetic and textile. For sure do not exist one specific product for all type of materials, however what i should use for each one?
These shoes will be exposed to various weather conditions. My biggest concern is in the rain, they have to withstand rain or snow, this will be possible? Should i use and cymical to fix and ensure the durability?

About clean, before dye or painting i should clean to remove any cymical on PU, Synthetic or textile, with what?

I saw Dye-Na-Flow, Jacquard, Neopaque and Lumiere.

What shoul i use?

Thank you verry much.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I answered this a bit in the other thread.  Please review and lets keep the conversation going.  As for weather, all of our paints are waterproof once dry.   It is still a good idea to use a varnish to protect the paint especially from scraping against concrete.  Any flexible varnish will do, our pearl ex varnish is very flexible and will not crack.  
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