hi new to group, has anyone ever painted upholsterd furniture. I have a sofa and chains that i'd like to change the color. help
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pburch pburch
Painting upholstered furniture is possible, though it's a lot of trouble, and the amount of fabric paint required is apt to cost as much as getting new slipcovers made for you.

Use a good fabric paint such as Dye-na-flow or Lumiere, because cheaper paints not made specifically for fabrics will result in a stiff, scratchy feel to the fabric. Also, get some Jacquard Airfix to add to your fabric paint, so that you don't have to heat-set it.

You can read Deborah Horowitz's [URL=http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/furniture_painting.shtml]instructions for painting upholstered furniture[/URL] on my web site.

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