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Hello! I'm new to Procion MX Dyes (really dyeing in general) and I've been reading up on all the different types of dyes and techniques.

I'm trying to make my friend a sweatshirt with a rather complex pattern on it and I think that hand-painting on dye will provide the best results. I'm using a 100% cotton PFD material so I think Procion MX dye will be the best for the cellulose fibers. For the acid dyes it looks like there are resists to paint on to stop the spread of the dye to unwanted areas of the fabric. Is there something similar for the fiber reactive dyes or does the thickener accomplish this?

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Meghan,

You can use any of the resists that are appropriate for Acid Dyes with your Procion MX painting. However, because you are working with a thicker material the resists will have a harder time penetrating all the way through the fabric to give you truly viable resist lines.
My recommendation would be to work with thickened Procion MX or to use an antifusant like our No Flow. The No Flow is applied to the area you will be painting and allowed to dry. This then acts as an inhibitor to the flow of the dyes as you apply them giving you more control over the dye flow.

hope this helps
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