Nolita Nolita

I used some of the textile color on leather before and it sort of sank into it and remains flexible.

I'm just dying to have a natural, shimmery, yarn. Current options are metal thread(too much like christmas tree tinsel), and this nylon stuff that's shimmery, but it's nylon, and I don't like the idea of mixing nylon with wool or silk(I mean it may be less than 1% of the yarn, but somehow, blech, still I'll use it as a last ditch effort if I have to).

Right now I'm fingerpainting a thinned mixture of colorless extender and super bronze pearl ex onto some cotton crochet thread for a test run. However I'm curious about something.

Can colorless extender be used as a sealer? I want to put a touch of pearl ex on a silk mawata(stretched cocoon for spinning). I was thinking about how pearl ex needs something viscous to be bound in, and silk contains a naturally viscous substance known as serecin. So I was thinking I could use a really soft brush to apply a touch of pearl ex and then seal it onto the mawata with colorless extender.

Understand, in order to spin a mawata it must be stretched into roving, and so where there's pearl ex/colorless extender, that will be pulled apart. Really I want to know if the colorless extender is strong enough. I know it's flexible enough to not interfere too much with the softness of the silk. But is it strong enough to hold onto individual fibers after pulling? Or should I put the pearl ex/colorless extender on after pulling it out into roving(still pretty but not the effect I really want).

Has anyone tried this?
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Carolyn Arts Carolyn Arts
Try adding some Lumiere to dye-na-flow and mix it well before adding it to the thread. I have used it to paint fabric and it had a nice shimmer to it. I have not used it on yarn or anything like it. Let me know if it works.
Good luck, Carolyn
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